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Meet Foreign Exchange Students - Malaysia: Muhammad

My name is Muhammad. I am from Malaysia and living this year in Oregon.

Sometimes in our life we just have to sacrifice something in order to achieve something else that is more important. As for me, I had to sacrifice the time that I have to be with my family when I decided to come to United States as an exchange student. I know that this is an opportunity of a lifetime that will never ever get again. By joining this program, it opened a new way for me to gain knowledge, life experience, self-confidence and also a way to serve my beloved country, Malaysia, by representing my country to other people.

Well as far as I am concerned it's been 3 months already I have been here in United States and I can see a lot of interesting and surprising things about United States. The first thing that I find quite interesting and surprising is the education system here. Here you have a lot of subjects and yet students can choose any subject that they want and related courses that they will take when they go to college. Another thing is about how the students are judged here. Student performance is not only judged by exams, but also by the assignments they are given by teachers.

The second thing that I find quite interesting and surprising is about the parking system here. What I find interesting is here they have a specific building just for parking and on every floor they have special parking lot for the people with disabilities. It shows how much people here care about people with disabilities.

The third thing that I find interesting and surprising is the train system here that is known as MAX. What is interesting is not the shape of the train or the speed, but the inside of the train. Inside the train, they have a specific place for passengers who have bicycles to hang their bicycles so that they won't disturb any other passengers on the train. Another thing is the train has a special feature for people with disabilities so that it will be easy for them to get in and out the train. I also find it interesting that younger passengers give their seats to other passengers who need them most, which is something that is hard to find nowadays in young people.

You may find these facts about my country, Malaysia, interesting. In Malaysia, we have a great diversity of people. We have Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other people from all over the world, and yet we still can live peacefully and in harmony. As for the great diversity of people, we celebrate a lot of festivals in a year. For Malays, they celebrate Eid Fitri and Eid Adha. For Chinese and Indians, they celebrate Happy New Year, Chap Goh Mei, Happy Deepavali, Thaipusam, and Christmas. The best thing of all is that the government of Malaysia will usually have an open house for the biggest festivals in Malaysia like Eid Fitri, Eid Adha, Happy New Year, Happy Deepavali, and Christmas. During the open house, everyone is invited to come and celebrate together, which I believe is the element that makes Malaysia peaceful and harmonious.

As the result of having a great diversity of people, we have many different cultures and customs in Malaysia. If we are talking about the traditional costumes for Malays, they have Baju Melayu for men, Baju Kurung, and Baju Kebaya for women. Chinese have Cheongsam, and Indians have the Sari. These are the things that make Malaysia a unique

country, compared to any other country. We also have variety of foods from the traditional food to western food, so that anyone who comes to visit Malaysia doesn't have to worry about food.

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