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Senegal: My Senegalese Friends

My last post before I moved to the United States was Senegal. It was an interesting place and had great sites to see. Senegal is a poor country. I really liked it even though it was dusty and a dirty.

My house was big as a mansion. We had a big porch with a huge balcony where we hung out, played, and rollerskated. We would have water fights up there also. It was cool! Everything inside our house was big. There was the kitchen, playroom, dining- room, TV room, and last but not least was the livingroom. We had two maids. I went to was the International School of Dakar--an American School. The school was small, with about 14-17 students to a class. There were many different ethnic groups in the school. The grades went from 1 to 12. We had dances at our schools, like homecoming, winter dance, spring dance, and prom. We had plays at our school as well. Older kids and young kids would both put on plays. The plays were really funny, and everybody went to them because they were the best!

Right across from our school is a place called the American club. There's a swimming pool, tennis courts, and game rooms. Everybody from my school and other schools would go there to hang out. We also go downtown to shop. The sad thing is that we don't have malls, but instead shops and boutiques. We shop and go out for lunch. They have pretty good stuff in the shops.

A great place to go sightseeing is a little island called Goree, which is a really cool. There's a beach and shops on the island, and I went there with my family to spend the night. We saw the slave house and art and history museums. It was awesome. I really liked Senegal, and I miss it. I hope to go back again someday.

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