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Time To Move Again

Wow, my 2 years here have passed so quickly. The countdown has already begun: 11 days left. Unlike other posts I have lived in, leaving here seems like it will be even more difficult. When I lived overseas, moving was always more of a natural end to living at that post. You come and you go. Take my last post, for example. I was living in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formally Zaire). By the time my last summer had begun, all my friends from school were off to Canada or somewhere weird, and my best friend was leaving for the United States. I had to stay until August. When we were finally evacuated it was something good, maybe just a little sad (Congo has problems). In Oakton, Virginia, where I now live, all my friends are getting ready for school, not for a move. They've never heard of Congo nor of my dad's next posting, Oman. They're still planning end-of-summer beach trips and Matchbox Twenty concerts.

Another aspect of moving that is especially hard for me here is my school. All my life I've gone to tiny or really small schools. My school in Iceland had 18 students total. Here, I go to Oakton High. There are almost 3,000 students, and its growing so much that they have to build a new school. In Oman the entire school population, 1st through 12th grade is under 400. Living here I�ve learned to really enjoy larger schools. There's a bigger selection of friends to pick from--not to mention guys.

So right now I'm feeling pretty sad. I love my friends and my school. I may live in a box called a townhouse, but I love my neighborhood. I know I'll make new friends and go to a new school, and everyone tells me I'll be fine. I've moved enough times to know that's true, but I'm getting tired of it. Must I make new friends every 2 years? I have never lived anywhere more than 2-1/2 years. I know when I'm old and boring I will have wonderful memories of growing up in seven different countries. I guess what I'm trying to say is that all the adventures and fun and new things you get to see and do come at a price. That price is leaving behind a place you might have been able to call home.

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